The transition from school to community is significant for every young person with a disability. Our transition program provides a bridge between the security of school and the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. Small group independent living skills training sessions are provided within the school and community. This program is available to students with disabilities between the ages of 14 and 22. Transition training sessions are scheduled within the student’s school setting and/or their local communities. These sessions will occur in a small group format of no less than four students. The focus will be “hands on” practical skill training, information and resources.


• To assist young adults with disabilities in the transition from school to independent living and adult life.
• To assist young adults in learning independent living skills for maximum community integration and participation.
• To provide driver permit test preparation classes.
• To ensure that young adults with disabilities and their families are aware of available resources and options that assist with the transition process.

Skill Training Areas are the same as mentioned in the Independent Living Program.

For assistance in Mankato:

please contact Erica
Call: 507-345-7139

For assistance in Fairmont:

please contact Heather
Call: 507-235-3488

For assistance in New Ulm:

please contact Sarah
Call: 507-354-7106

For assistance in Waseca:

please contact Erica
Call: 507-345-7139


Nursing Home Relocation assists persons with disabilities in nursing homes to relocate to an independent living situation by accessing supportive services needed to support community-based living.

Transition services include:

• Coordination services with other team members involved in the case
• Assist with completing necessary paperwork
• Assist with locating housing options
• Ordering equipment and medical supplies
• Setting up Personal Care Assistance services
• Finding assistance with moving
• Obtaining household furnishings

For assistance:

please contact Jenn
Call: 507-345-7139