SMILES assists people with disabilities as they work to eliminate barriers. Assistive technology is a primary tool in this effort.  (View Deaf and Hard of Hearing Assistive Technology here).

  • Assistive Technology is defined as any customized item, piece of equipment or product system used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.
  • Assistive Technology applies to daily living, education, employment, and recreation needs.
  • The program is available to individuals with disabilities, family members, service providers, and the community at large.
  • Assessments are provided to help determine the assistive technology needs regarding daily living, employment, education and recreation.
  • If a device has been identified for use, training and one-on-one support is available.
  • Regional Technology Center allows consumers, family members, and service providers to learn about assistive technology in a hands-on environment.
  • SMILES provides a Lending and Demonstration Library containing a large number of assistive technology devices, including items for daily living, various types of computer keyboards, vision and hearing related items.
  • The Lending and Demonstration Library allows individuals to try a piece of technology in their home or work environment to see if it will fulfill their need(s).
  • Items in the Lending and Demonstration Library are available to loan for 30 days to consumers looking at various forms of assistive technology.
  • The Loan Program allows an individual the opportunity to try a device to see if it fulfills the need without having to purchase the item first.
  • SMILES organizes various Assistive Technology demonstrations within the Region 9 area.

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