The PCA Choice Option is an alternative option for the traditional PCA Program in Minnesota. Unlike traditional PCA services, the Choice Option allows for more control of services by the consumer. The aspects that increase a consumer’s control of their program under the Choice Option are:

• Decision-making
• Staff recruitment, hiring, training and terminations
• Full participation in the development of their plan of cares
• PCA pay rates and Verification of timesheets
• Their choice of and full collaboration with a Qualified Professional

The services provided under the Choice Option, similar to traditional programs, are required to be determined as “medically” necessary as the assessment determines the need for services described in the Service Plan. The services covered under the Choice Option are:

• Activities of Daily Living: Bathing, Grooming, Toileting, Mobility, Transferring, Positioning, Eating, and Dressing.
• Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Meal planning, shopping, light housekeeping, participation in the community, etc.
• Behavior Interventions: Includes observing and redirecting behavior that interferes with completion of PCA services.

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PCA Documents

Please access the following documents and links listed below:

2018 PCA Alerus NEW ESS Directions
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2018 PCA Change of Address phone form
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2018 PCA Pay Schedule
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2018 PCA Time Sheet REGULAR SUN-SAT rev3.23.2016
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2018 PCA Time Sheet SHARE Sun-Sat rev3.23.2016
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2018 PCA Training Links ONLY
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