Advocacy or standing up for one’s rights is a vital component for persons with disabilities. Advocacy represents a series of actions taken and issues that are addressed in order to change the “what is” to “what should be.” It includes problem solving to reduce or eliminate the barriers that persons with disabilities may encounter.

Individual Advocacy involves both advocating and teaching self-advocacy skills to persons with disabilities in order to solve problems related to their legal, civil and human rights.

Systems Advocacy involves teaching and supporting organizations in the process of changing and educating the public in the development of policies regarding persons with disabilities.

Citizens for Accessibility (CFA) groups in Mankato and Fairmont meet monthly to work toward improving accessibility for persons with disabilities by eliminating architectural barriers through awareness, education, and teamwork.

For assistance in Mankato:

please contact Erica at either
Call: 507-345-7139

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For assistance in Fairmont:

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