Volunteers play a significant role at SMILES .

Volunteers serve as peer mentors, senior companions, clerical staff, and ramp builders.  They help with a wide variety of recreational events including baseball, bowling, pool, waterskiing and snowskiing.  Some also serve on our speakers bureau and make themselves available for speaking engagements to a variety of groups, agencies, and organizations about a range of disability awareness topics.

In addition to the volunteers who help with programs and services, many serve as members of our board of directors or help with fund raising and disability awareness events.  

Many of the programs and services we offer simply would not be possible without volunteers.

Call Alex at 345-7139, or alangsjoen@smilescil.org  

  • Peer Mentors
  • Ramp Building
  • SMILES Baseball Program
  • Board members and committee members
  • Citizens for Accessibility
  • Fundraising
  • Speakers Bureau
  • SMILES Adaptive Ski Program
  • Community Collaborations