The purpose of the ramp project is to provide an accessible means to build affordable and functional home ramps.  Ramps help eliminate barriers for people with physical disabilities; one of the first steps to an independent lifestyle.  SMILES works with the home owner to design and build a ramp that suits their needs.  View the 2012 Gallery of Ramps here.

Permanent Residential Wood and Temporary Aluminum Ramps:

  • Provide an accessible means for individuals with disabilities to leave and return to their home.
  • Wood ramps are built at the cost of materials plus a set-up fee and any permit fees.
  • Ramp cost are paid for by cash payment, monthly interest-free installments, outside funding or contracted payment plan
  • Temporary aluminum ramps are built at a $50 monthly fee, set-up fee, and any permit fee.
  • Temporary aluminum ramps are disassembled and removed when no longer needed.
  • Temporary aluminum ramps may be suggested to use when a wooden ramp is not the best solution for the ramp needs.
  • Generally take about 4 weeks to complete a wood or temporary aluminum ramp.

Temporary “Roll-A-Ramps” and Portable Ramps:

  • Program is designed to help individuals and families who have an immediate need for a ramp.
  • Ramps are generally rented out for 4-6 weeks, and can be removed when it is no longer needed, or replaced with a permanent ramp.
  • Ramps generally can be set-up on short term notice at a $10.00 weekly rental fee.

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