SMILES Spring Electronic Recycling Event will be at Madison East Center on Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th. Money raised from recycling events is used  to help veterans with technology needs, from cell phones with minutes, to computer systems for education and civilian job skills.
In addition to recycling events, SMILES Assistive Technology (AT) Lending and Demo library has been put to use by many families. Various AT devices can be loaned out on a trial basis to see if that device can help a person with a disability accomplish a specific task. A couple good examples include the loan of a reading machine to an individual with macular degeneration who has trouble reading. This person tried a reading machine to see if it would help with reading the newspaper and mail. In this case, it did, and we provided resource information so the family could make their own purchase. Another example was the loan of a pocket talker to help an older individual who had difficulty with their hearing. After borrowing a pocket talker for a couple weeks, the family decided to buy one.
SMILES has also been busy with the construction of residential access ramps in southern Minnesota. SMILES built ramps in Mankato, Waseca, Wells, Dunnell, and Kasota to name a few communities. The ramps have ranged from portable, temporary metal ramps that are needed for just a few days or weeks to modular wood ramps for families that need one on a long term basis.
If you have questions about SMILES ramp or assistive technology programs, please contact Howard at SMILES.